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CloudFPA Consulting (formerly AdaptivePro) is Workday Adaptive Planning certified global partner, re-seller and solution provider. We have 13+ years of Adaptive project management, consulting and implementation experiences with 300+ happy customers

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Active Financial Planning in the Cloud with Adaptive

CloudFPA Consulting is Adaptive Insights certified global partner, re-seller and solution provider. We have 12+ years of Adaptive project management, consulting and implementation experiences with 300+ happy customers

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About Us

CloudFPA (formerly AdaptivePro) is a trusted Workday Adaptive Planning global solution provider with offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong. Founded and led by one of the original Workday Adaptive Planning professional services members, we are fully committed to providing the best solutions and services to our customers.

We are seasoned Workday Adaptive Planning consultants – former members of the professional services at Workday Adaptive Planning and finance executives with over 13 years of Workday Adaptive Planning project management, consulting and implementation experiences, and over 20 years of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) experiences with Fortune 500 and startup companies. We incorporate industry specific best practices throughout our implementation to ensure the best solutions.

Since 2007, we have successfully implemented over 300 Adaptive projects around the world, including some of the most complex projects for Fortune 500 clients, high-tech and non-profit clients. Our clients have achieved vastly enhanced efficiency in their financial planning and analysis with the highest satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Adaptive Suite

Worldwide leader in SaaS corporate performance management (CPM) and business intelligence (BI) – financial budgeting, forecasting, analysis, consolidation, integration, and reporting.

  • Cloud-based SaaS application
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Powerful functionalities and features
  • Drag-and-drop and dynamic reports
  • Systematic workflow processes
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • On-demand subscription model
  • No IT support and equipment required
  • Rapid deployment in weeks
  • Accessible anywhere and anytime

Adaptive Products

CloudFPA is a Workday Adaptive Planning certified global reseller and implementation partner. Click on the “Learn more” link below to understand more about the products from Workday Adaptive Planning. Then come back to CloudFPA website to see how we can assist your organization in purchasing and deploying these highly-regarded products and quickly start enjoying the benefits of the Adaptive Suite.

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The 20/80 Theory

  • Reality – companies spend more than 80% of their time collecting data and re-building models, and only have less than 20% of the time to perform analysis and provide meaningful reports to management to make better business decisions.
  • AdaptivePro – we will flip the ratio to allow companies to spend less than 20% of their time gathering good data, and use more than 80% of the time performing in-depth analysis to generate insightful financial reports for management.

The AA Solutions

  • Adaptive Suite – the best SaaS applications for financial planning and analysis, reporting, consolidation, and business intelligence‎.
  • CloudFPA Process – the most efficient financial planning process based years experience in different industries.

The 6D Services Methodology

  • Discuss client needs, objective, and Workday Adaptive Planning advantages
  • Define project requirements, scope of work, expectations, deliverables, approach, and project timeline
  • Design project plan, framework, structures, dataflow, and models
  • Develop implementation process to carry out project tasks from input to output
  • Deploy methods and models along with parallel testing
  • Deliver solutions and knowledge through users training and support


Professional Services

CloudFPA provides the highest quality services to our customers using our proven “Mini Model” approach with our 12+ years of Adaptive project management and implementation track records. Please check out Customer tab to view our feature customers and success stories.

1) Adaptive Suite implementation and project management:
  • Adaptive Planning & Reporting – essence of financial planning and analysis & robust drag-and-drop reports
  • Adaptive Consolidation – real-time intercompany eliminations
  • Adaptive Discovery – dynamic, real-time, interactive visual dashboards
  • Adaptive OfficeConnect – easily create financial reports in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats
  • Adaptive Integration – powerful integration platform connecting with other systems

2) Adaptive administrator & user training; and FP&A processes & system consulting

Project Types

1) Fixed Bid – A contractual agreement to provide implementation services for a specified price. We manage the project from beginning to finish within weeks – conceptual design, model building, report creation, admin and user training.

2) Time & Materials – A contractual agreement where a client will pay hourly rate based on the number of hours spent on the project plus any added material expenses. We get jobs done based on your needs and schedule.

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“As a financially driven company, International Power America placed heavy emphasis on the business planning cycle including annual budgets and monthly re-forecasts.  Adaptive Planning was elected to streamline the process and improve results.  With excellent product knowledge provided by Stephen, a model was developed and implemented that was quickly assimilated by the 40 operational and financial users.  The project was implemented on budget, on time with results that exceeded expectations.”

— Al DiCampo, 
Operations Group Controller at International Power of America and
Director of Business Control at GDF SUEZ Energy North America, Marlborough, MA USA.

GDF SUEZ is the world’s largest independent power producer


  • Reduced budgeting time 40%
  • Shortened monthly close and reforecast cycle by 2 days
  • Focused efforts on desired budget results, not budget preparation
  • Allowed for continuous planning environment removing the need to regenerate the budget template
  • Seamless integration with existing financial systems improved accessibility and reporting of data
  • After merging with GDF Suez, the model was expanded to include 70 power plants, 7 times original scope.
  • Additional model developed to report, consolidate and analyze plant metrics

“The company was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were able to implement expense forecasting in Adaptive Planning with Stephen’s help. And, this was in the midst of ongoing organizational changes. That is, Adaptive was a tool that allowed us to change the structure on the fly and keep up with the planning, reporting, and dash-boarding requirements of a rapidly growing company.”

— James Goh, S
enior Financial Analyst, Nexant Inc. San Francisco, CA USA


  • Rolled out to 10 users in first phase, up to 30 users projected by final phase
  • Reduced budgeting time by 50%
  • Eliminated countless weekend work previously allocated to consolidating the budget with allocations
  • Dramatically increased visibility to expenses, and facilitated what-if scenarios

“The biggest benefit of using Adaptive Planning has been the ability to improve financial planning and reporting efficiency leveraging its multi-entity and multi-currency features. With Stephen’s assistance and his FP&A and Adaptive knowledge and experience, we created a full financial model with real-time visibility into our results.”

— Declan Wyrick, 
Senior Manager at Cloudmark Inc. in San Francisco, CA USA


  • Streamlined financial planning process
  • Better visibility into consolidated, multiple-entity business
  • Delivered more accurate financials with consistent formulas

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